Premiering in 2021, Petite Petite will present a selection of new designs in lacquered steel by Studio Flemming Lindholdt.

Petite Petite is a newly established line of Danish furniture, committed to uniting functionality of furnishings across all rooms.

The furniture is designed playfully, though maintains a serious approach to aesthetics and functionality.

Inspired by life — whereby a passion for colours, people, food and music is our driving force.

Design by Flemming Lindholdt

The Petite Petite Collection is designed by 
Studio Flemming Lindholdt. He has worked with furniture design for more than twenty years. With a true love for colors and materiels.

Styling and photo Lone Kjær

Petite Petite Living is driven by food stylist and writer Lone Kjær.

Lone Kjær has been working at the intersection of creating recipes and styling for more than twenty years, and she is the eye behind the camera of Petite Petite Living.