Petite Petite is introducing a fresh and innovative collection of lacquered steel and painted wooden lamps designed by Studio Flemming Lindholdt. The combination of materials suggests a blend of modern aesthetics and a mix of industrial and natural elements.

The commitment to uniting functionality across all rooms indicates a versatile approach to furniture design, recognizing the importance of practicality in various living spaces. The playfulness in design suggests a creative and perhaps whimsical touch, while maintaining a serious commitment to both aesthetics and functionality.

The inspiration drawn from life, encompassing a passion for colors, people, food, and music, adds a personal and relatable touch to the brand. This suggests that the designs are not only visually appealing but are also rooted in the experiences and joys of everyday life.

Overall, Petite Petite seems to be positioning itself as a brand that values creativity, functionality, and a connection to life’s inspirations in its furniture designs. The collaboration with Studio Flemming Lindholdt likely brings a unique perspective to the collection, making it an exciting addition to the world of Danish furniture.

Design by Flemming Lindholdt

The Petite Petite Collection is designed by
Studio Flemming Lindholdt. He has worked with furniture design for more than twenty years. With a true love for colors and materiels.

Flemming Lindholdt Studio Flemming Lindholdt Petite Petite

Designer Flemming Lindholdt
Studio Flemming Lindholdt