Petite Petite Living

Styling Lone Kjær

Petite Petite Living is driven by food stylist and writer Lone Kjær.

Lone Kjær has been working at the intersection of creating recipes and styling for more than twenty years, and she is the eye behind Petite Petite Living.


Petite Storage used in the livingroom. Color beige red. The inside cabinet is in oak veneer, 3 massive oak draws with dividers in the top draw.

It is possible to move the unit around in your home. There is 2 breaks on the unit.

Color Beige Red

All outside surface is powder coated steel. Grib and wheels in same color as surface.

All outside surfaces is in powder coated steel.

The Storage unit is used in the entrance of the home. 2 draws, color wine red. 

Color Wine Red

The lamp on the table top is a Petite machine table lamp and is designed by Studio Flemming Lindholdt.


Color Wine Red

Petite Petite Table

Powder coated steel. 

Storage 2 fronts and open storage in agate grey. Used for baking.

Agate Grey powder coated steel. Table top and shelf in 4 mm solid steel.

Color Agate Grey

Color Agate Grey

Used for baking.

Workstation Ultramarine

Tente wheels,
Shelf assambled like a jigsaw puzzle.
Tabletop and shelf is in 5 mm solid steel